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Welcome to Requisite Research.   The word 'Requisite' is defined by the words 'Essential' and 'Necessary'. So it follows that 'Requisite Research' as related to genealogy is that research that is both  essential and necessary to meet one's genealogical research needs and goals.


Now for those of you who do not know me, the 'Robert Alden Rice' pictured above is me.  I am known as 'Bob' to most everyone but I have always used my given name 'Robert' for business purposes.  I am an experienced professional research Genealogist and this is my Requisite Research website. I love researching genealogy and family histories, and finding answers where others have encountered dead-ends and road-blocks.


If you are looking for help concerning your genealogy or family history research, documentation or publication needs, or if you are looking for someone to do high-quality digital scanning of your family records and photographs, or if you have other genealogical goals that require assistance, I hope you will contact me today and then let me help you with my offering of genealogical services and products.


I am a professional genealogist.   I studied professional Genealogical Research and completed certification with the Boston University Center for Professional Education. I am a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG), the National Genealogical Society (NGS), the Maryland Genealogy Society (MGS) and the  Genealogical Society of New Jersey (GSNJ). I am also a member of a number of historical societies and foundations. Through these and other organizations, I regularly take advantage of continuing professional education training opportunities to keep current and learn more so I am better prepared to help my clients with their genealogical needs and goals.


I have the research experience and am credentialed to conduct research at the Library of Congress, the National Archives, and the David Library of the American Revolution, among a number of others. I also have experience researching in a growing number of state and local archives, libraries, and other records repositories. In addition to my on-site repository research work experience, I use the considerable and growing wealth of Internet on-line databases  belonging to museums, higher-learning institutions, and others when conducting professional genealogical research. I have traveled extensively and will continue to travel as necessary to visit local, state, national, and international locations related to the research objectives of my work and my client needs. Let me do research for you too!  Contact Me to get started.


I understand DNA testing.   I am very knowledgeable in the growing science of DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) relative to human genetic DNA testing. I have considerable experience in DNA testing and knowledge of the various commercial tests offered by AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritageDNA, and 23andMe.  I currently manage in an administrative role, a  number of DNA test results for clients and family members. While I do not provide the actual testing, I have helped clients pick the right test to take, have helped them navigate actually taking and submitting their test, and I have helped them understand their DNA test results. For some, I have agreed to continue to manage their test results and communicate related messages and new match information to the client as needed, freeing the client from having to regularly monitor and respond to DNA test related notifications.


I also am very proud of my record to date whereby using DNA testing, I have helped a number of adopted individuals resolve the question of their parentage using DNA tests. I have considerable experience using DNA test results to analyze the molecular basis of an adoptee's heredity in concert with doing the corresponding Requisite Research to identify related biological family-member information based on DNA cousin-matches. In some cases I have also helped my adoptee/parentage clients find and reach out to their living biological relatives for critical first meetings. My clients are pleased with the DNA-related Requisite Research I have done for them, and I think you will too!


Genealogy is not new to me.   I would almost say that there is a passion for genealogy that runs in my bloodline. I descend from at least two prior generations of family members that were actively involved part-time, in researching and documenting the family history and lineage of my ancestors. I was raised with a real appreciation for history generally, and specifically with an acute appreciation of both my maternal and paternal family trees.


The earliest I can remember is my maternal grandmother who actually and nearly successfully, hid her then living family information from my mother and her sister and the rest of our family (for reasons that is a family history tale in of itself); while at the same time she was doing a great deal of research tracing her and her husbands family lineage.  Her research revealed a documented lineage to a number of patriots who fought for freedom and liberty during the American Revolution. She was a proud member of the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and active in her local chapter of the DAR.  Her research, in part also supported documentation of my maternal family tree all the way back (some 38 generations) through early immigrant ancestors from England who trace back further through 10 English and French monarchs, among others, to Charlemagne, born in the year 742. Charlemagne became the King of France after the death of his father Pepin, and was also known as the Holy Roman Emperor. Consequently, I gained an appreciation for, and learned a great deal about, genealogy from the prior dedicated work of my maternal grandmother.


My appreciation for genealogy was reinforced at home because I also learned a great deal about genealogy from my father along with his paternal aunt. Both of them were dedicated family history enthusiasts and they each did significant part-time research to find information and then document the Rice family history.  During their lifetimes, both spent considerable resources to travel and do family-related genealogical research. As a result, their research documented a significant and extended family history which also identified a number of American Revolutionary patriots on my paternal side of the family.  My father was an active member of the National Society, Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) through his membership in the M. Graham Clark Chapter of the SAR; my father's Aunt was likewise, also a very active member of the DAR and other heritage-related groups. After the death of my father, I was astounded to find a large compilation of family genealogical records, files and photographs that he had accumulated which, to date (Fall 2017), over a dozen years later, I am still going through as time and other commitments permit.


And for many years before going professional, I provided friends and other family members with genealogical and family history help.  Pleased with the results of my assistance and support, they all repeatedly told me that I should go into the business. So that is exactly what I have done. I now greatly enjoy my full-time genealogical research career and know that you can, as a client,  also benefit from my experience, learning and approach to researching and answering genealogical questions.


Information Technology makes a difference and I know how to use IT.  You might be surprised to hear that professional genealogy is a second career for me.   While I have always had a genealogical background through my family experience and the help I have provided to friends, I was also commissioned after college as a regular United States Army Signal Corps officer. I served on active duty for 11+ years (with another 10 years in the Army Reserve).


After leaving active duty, I then worked in a number of U.S. Government Departments and Federal Agencies to include the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), in various Information Technology (IT) project and program management roles, first as a contractor and then later as a Federal Employee. I retired from government service with a senior GS-15 rank and with over 35 years work experience in the best practices and application of IT.  I know how to use IT to my advantage in the work I do and I will continue to use IT to improve the quality of my genealogical support services and the Requisite Research results that I deliver to my clients.


Let me help you too!

I offer a full range of genealogy and family history Services to assist you in achieving your needs and goals.

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