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I am a multi-faceted professional research Genealogist.

I can provide you with any of the services or products listed below.


If you don't see a match to your goals and needs, let's talk about your objectives and how I may be able to help you.


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Research Services


  • Genealogical Research
  • Adoptee/Parentage Research
  • Estate/Heir Tracing Research
  • House or Property Research

Family Tree Documentation Services


  • Pedigrees
  • Descendant Charts
  • Family Group Records
  • Graphical Wall Charts

Family Record and Artifact Services


  • Digital Scanning of Records
  • Transcriptions of Handwritten
  • Records and Manuscripts
  • Conservation/Restoration Help
  • Archival Storage Help
  • Help Planning for passing-on
  • Family Records and Artifacts

Family Photograph and Photo Album Services


  • Digital Scanning of Photographs
  • Digital Copies of Family Albums
  • Digital Photo Restoration

DNA Testing Support Services


  • Help Understanding your DNA
  • Test Results
  • DNA Test Admin/Management

Writing and Publishing Services


  • Write/Publish Family Biographies
  • Write/Publish Personal Histories
  • Write/Publish House Histories
  • Write/Publish Property Histories

Lineage Society Related Services


  • Membership Application Help
  • Scholarship Application Help

Other Services

  • On-line (Internet) Family Tree
  • Website Support
  • Help Understanding Your
  • Family Tree Presence On-line
  • Recorded Personal or Family
  • Oral Histories (audio/video)
  • Fact Checking & Proof Support
  • Family Reunion Event Planning

Research Services Note

I follow a service process for client Requisite Research. This process helps ensure resources are used efficiently.

  1. After you contact me about one of my services I will do a preliminary analysis of your initial research objective.
  2. I will probably get back to you with some questions about your goals and needs along with an initial fee retainer and will then begin a detailed analysis.
  3. We will then review my detailed analysis of your research objective and and estimate of fees. This ensures we agree on the Requisite Research focus and that you agree that the Requisite Research to be done for the established fee(s) correctly targets your research goals and needs.
  4. Before starting the Requisite Research, for my use, I will create a formal tailored research work plan that defines my research approach/strategy and any known logistics-related planning considerations (e.g., travel, accession, or special plan needs).
  5. I will then follow my work plan and begin the Requisite Research on your behalf.
  6. Depending on the size/length of the effort, you may receive interim reports from me detailing the findings of the research conducted to date with a status of progress and with an accounting of the resources applied.
  7. After I complete your Requisite Research, I will deliver to you a formal report detailing the findings of the research I conducted on your behalf along with an accounting of the resources applied to the overall effort.
  8. My delivery to you (usually with the above report) may include copies of documents/records, abstracts, and or transcriptions of documents/records uncovered or otherwise used in the Requisite Research, as appropriate.
  9. My delivery to you (usually with the above report) will usually include a prioritized list of recommendations for continued future research related to your goals and needs.

General Fee Information

Upfront retainer fee payments are necessary before I begin any Requisite Research work on a client's behalf.  Retainers are based on the initial estimate of effort and mutually agreed to in advance. Retainers must be paid before any research, travel, or other logistical costs are undertaken.

Research time includes travel time, telephone time, and email time as applicable. Certain other charges, agreed to in advance may also be billed upon the completion of a clients Requisite Research (e.g., entrance and other fees, photo-copying and printing costs, digital memory, postage/shipping/packaging, etc.).

Automobile travel mileage costs are figured in accordance with the standard IRS mileage reimbursement rate.

Clients are advised  that negative research findings are possible (where research is performed without finding certain hoped-for information or other results). Negative research finding efforts are still subject to research fees and other applicable related charges as would be charged for any research resulting in findings.

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